1. (2014 February) EarthSharing.org: Launch

On Tuesday, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation released earthsharing.org with an accompanying video “Why is the rent so high?”.

The site includes an economic history timeline (click right side of timeline to progress), an online forum, opportunities for collaboration and volunteering, as well as an easy to search library system.

Using this new library system, RSF intends to archive a large amount of appropriate Georgist literature, videos, and other content. We’re calling on fellow Georgists to help grow the library. If you have content you’d like to add, email info@earthsharing.org. Special thanks to Edward Miller for coding the library and creating an accompanying demonstrational video.

How to use the library: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=y9FD63-Ddf8

Also, be sure to sign up for Earth Sharing’s newsletter.


2 thoughts on “1. (2014 February) EarthSharing.org: Launch

  1. Just wondering: After I watched “Why is the Rent So High?” there appeared on my screen perhaps 6 other video choices: 1 about a C.O in Korea; 1 a dialogue about evolution. I am wondering what they are on this site, since they have nothing to do with Georgism?

    Also one comment re Why is the Rent so High? I didn’t care for the phrase “radical land redistribution policies” which upset societies, (or something close to that). Once one realizes that land is monopolized, which your video shows, one’s first thought is how to redistribute it more fairly, no? I don’t think George eschewed physical land redistribution because it was too “radical,” but because it was too impractical and open to corruption. In my view, cumbersome as it might be, it would be a lot better than what we have today, with people living on the street while millionaires own vast empty acres. George’s single-tax proposal IS radical, in that it gets to the root of land monopoly, and I hope we can own that concept. A “radical” remedy can be good – if it has its intended effects, and in the case of poverty, since just about everything else (non-radical) has been tried, let’s go with the one, radical (but non-violent and democratic) remedy that will work.

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