1. (2013 March) Announcement: CGO Update

Georgist Education Sessions to be Featured at 2013 CGO Conference

This year’s education sessions are going to be a real part of the conference, to which all are invited. The sessions, sponsored by the Henry George Institute, will run from 2 to 6pm on Tuesday, August 6. The official opening reception is that evening at 7pm — so if conference participants wish to make these important sessions, all they have to do is arrive earlier on the first day of the conference.

Five presentations are scheduled:
—Mike Curtis on a practical method for determining true rental-value assessments in Arden, Delaware.
—Bob Jene on the practice of preserving farmland through “farm heritage trusts,” and opportunities for alliance with Georgists on this key issue.
—Ed Dodson will demonstrate his PowerPoint presentations expanding on the vital, yet oft-ignored, influence of land policy in the US history.
—Mike Curtis and Lindy Davies will engage in dialogue between Henry George’s theory of the boom/bust cycle and recent enhancements that help to explain current phenomena.
—Lindy Davies will explain some key changes in economic definitions that the Henry George Institute has adopted to make Georgist curricula more compatible with mainstream economics — without compromising its main ideas.

These sessions are part of the conference; registrants are free to attend them at no extra charge.

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