3. (2013 December) Publication Affairs: The Mason Gaffney Reader

One of Gaffney’s worthiest contributions in recent years has been to make his lifetime of groundbreaking economic analysis accessible to general readers in a series of essays. In this work, Gaffney tackles the toughest questions, from the reconciliation of economics and environmentalism, to the challenges of postcolonial development in the Philippines and post-Katrina rebuilding in New Orleans. The essays have been edited for general readers by Lindy Davies. Thus relieved of their lengthy mathematical and theoretical passages, they are far from dry, academic reads!

The Mason Gaffney Reader, published by the Henry George Institute, is available at its own website, www.masongaffneyreader.com (where you find much more information about the book and its author) — in softcover, $12.95, hardcover, $21.95 (an Ebook edition is in process).

“A crisp cocktail of geography, history and economics, chilled by crackling-clear prose. In these sparkling essays on rent, land and taxes, Mason Gaffney gives us Henry George in his time and for our own.”

— James Galbraith

Mason Gaffney is a national treasure. He boldly treads where few other economists even dare to peek: at the extraction of rent from the many by the few. Such rent extraction is now massive and threatens to destroy our democracy. To those who wonder how to stop it, my advice is simple: read Gaffney.

— Peter Barnes, author of Capitalism 3.0 and The Sky Trust

“One of the most important but underappreciated ideas in economics is the Henry George principle of taxing the economic rent of land, and more generally, natural resources. This wonderful set of essays, written over a long and productive scholarly career, should be compulsory reading. An inveterate optimist, Mason Gaffney makes an excellent case that, by applying the Henry George principle, we can reduce inequality, and raise ample public revenues to be directed at any one of a multitude of society’s ills. Gaffney also offers plausible solutions to problems of urban renewal and finance, environmental protection, the cycle of boom and bust, and conflict generated by rent-seeking multinational corporations.”

— Joseph Stiglitz

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