1. (2012 September) News: CGO Updates

Congratulations to Bill Batt, who was presented with a special award for his volunteer efforts on behalf the CGO Conference Programming Team at the 2012 CGO Conference banquet.

Also at the recent conference in Harrisburg, the Council of Georgist Organizations awarded veteran Henry George Institute Instructor, Gil Herman, of Stamford CT, its Economic Justice Award for 2012. Gil joins past award winners: Nicholas Rosen (2011), Al Katzenberger (2010), Dan Sullivan (2009), Alanna Hartzok (2008), Mike Curtis (2007), Josh Vincent (2005), Mason Gaffney (2004), Harry Pollard (2003), John Fisher (2002): Claude & Dian Arnold, John & Nadine Stoner, Everett & Mildred Gross (all three couples in 2000). The Award which was begun in 1999 at the Gaithersburg, MD conference honors the work of the activists and educators and organizations. The first honorees were Steve Cord and Walt Rybeck It is presented annually at the CGO’s Conference Banquet. Each award is unique because the color of Henry George’s tie is changed every year.

The CGO Execom is accepting nominations for its 2013 award until December 15, 2012. Please send your nominations — including your reasons why your nominee should be selected — to: CGO Secretary, Paul Justus at pjustus5000@yahoo.com.

Presentations are needed for the 2013 CGO Conference. The conference theme will be “100 Years of Land Value Taxation in Pennsylvania”. There will be at least two concurrent sessions during most of the duration of the conference. If you have a topic you would like to present or a speaker nomination, please contact Dan Sullivan, CGO President at director@savingcommunities.org no later than October 15, 2012. Those selected to present will be notified no later than January 1, 2013.


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