1. (2012 December) Announcements: CGO Looking for Award Nominees

Sue Walton writes:

We’re looking for someone to honor! Since the 1999 CGO Conference in Maryland, the Council of Georgist Organizations has given awards for activism, education and advocacy. Below is a list of previous winners.

1999: Gaithersburg, MD—Steve Cord & Walt Rybeck
2000: Des Moines, IA—Nadine & John Stoner, Everett Gross; Claude & Dian Arnold
2001: Pittsburgh—Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
2002: London, ONT—John Fisher
2003: Bridgeport, CT—Ted Gwartney, Harry Pollard, Susan Witt & AIER
2004: Albuquerque, NM—Mason Gaffney; Bob Andelson, HGI
2005: Philadelphia, PA—HGFA; Philadelphia Forward-Brett Mandel,Jonathan Seidel, Lu Cippolloni (Special Lifetime Achievement)
2006: Chicago, IL—Jeff Smith, HGS-Chicago, Jake Himmelstein
2007: Scranton,PA—Mike Curtis (First Advocacy Only Economic Justice Award)
2008: Kansas City, MO—Alanna Hartzok
2009: Cleveland, OH—Dan Sullivan
2010: Albany, NY—Al Katzenberger
2011: Bloomington, MN—Nic Rosen; Jake Himmelstein (Special Lifetime Achievement)
2012: Harrisburg, PA—Gil Herman; Bill Batt (Special Award)

This is an amazing list of people and organizations. The CGO Planning Team would like your advice as to whom to honor in 2013. Feel free to nominate non-Georgists who have advanced the Georgist cause, as well as Georgists who have done outstanding work. Please submit your nominations to Sue & Scott Walton, CGO Administrators, no later than January 15, 2013.

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