(2012 August) Contents


Volume Fifteen, Number One, August 14, 2012


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~RSF Staff


1. News: Henry George School in Chicago is moving
2. News: Annual CGO Conference
3. Good Press: Property Taxes Are A Barbarous Relic: Tax The Value of Land Instead (by Matthew Yglesias)
4. Numbers: Inequality: It’s Even Worse Than We Thought (by Michael Kinsley)
5. Letter: To make America more egalitarian, tax the value of land (from Mr Nicholas D. Rosen)
6. Likeable Link: OPINION: The single tax, a refutation of a refutation
7. What You Can Do: Sustainable Economics for the 21st Century, A Five Part Teleseminar
8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes
9. Publication Affairs: About the Georgist News

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